Oswego County

Established in 1816
Population: 122,109
2012 Registered Voters : 70,341 – Turnout: 44,629
2016 Registered Voters: 68,479 – Turnout: 45,258
Chairman of the Legislature
Shane Broadwell

Vice Chairwoman
Linda Lockwood

Majority Leader
James Weatherup

Minority Leader
Frank Castiglia, Jr.
Clerk of the Legislature
Christopher Jones

Deputy Clerk of the Legislature
Betsy Sherman-Saunders

County Administrator
Philip R. Church
1st District
Margaret Kastler

2nd District
Milfred Poter

3rd District

4th District
David Holst

5th District
Roy Reehil

6th District
John J. Martino

7th District
Bradley Trudell

8th District
Paul House

9th District
James Weatherup
10th District
Mary E. Chesbro

11th District
Linda Lockwood

12th District
Richard Kline

13th District
Patrick Twiss

14th District
Steve Walpole

15th District
Nathan Emmons

16th District
Thomas Drumm

17th District
Shane Broadwell
18th District
Heather Del Conte

19th District
Marie Schadt

20th District
Timothy Stahl

21st District
Terry Wilbur

22nd District
James Karasek

23rd District
Morris Sorbello

24th District
Daniel T. Farfaglia

25th District
Frank Castiglia, Jr.

Other County Officials

Distric Attorney/Coroner
Greg Oakes

County Sheriff
Reuel A. Todd

County Clerk
Michael Backus

Kevin Gardner

Office for the Aging, Director
Sara Sunday

Airport Manager
Brandon Schwerdt

County Attorney
Richard C. Mitchell

Facilities & Technology, Superintendent
John Bucher

Central Services, Director
John St. John

Community Development, Tourism and Planning
David R. Turner

Solid Waste, Director
D. Mark Powell

Vetrans' Services, Director
Jamie Hamlin
Promotion and Tourism
Janet West Clerkin

E-911, Director
Kevin Pooley

Elections Commissioner
Laura Brazak
Carol "Peggy" Bickford

Emergency Management, Director
Dale Currier

Employment and Training Services
Commissioner of Social Services
Stacy Alvord

Fire Coordinator
Donald Forbes

Director of Public Health
Jiangcheng Huang

Superintendent of Highways
Kurt Ospelt

Judicial Offices, Court Administration, Chief Clerk
Amy Fox

Supreme Court
Hon. Norman W. Seiter, Jr. Justice
Hon. James W. McCarthy, Justice

Weights and Measures, Director
Jamie Comstock
County Court
Hon. Walter Hafner, Judge
Hon. Donald E. Todd, Judge

Family Court
Hon. Kimberly M. Seager, Judge
Hon. James K. Eby

Surrogate Court
Hon. Spencer Ludington

Comissioner of Jurors
James Cloonan

Supervisor of Motor Vehicles
Michael Backus

Human Resources Director
Carol Alnutt

David Hall

Purchasing Director
Andrew Trumbley

Real Property Tax Services, Director
Betsy Knapp

Comissioner of Social Services
Stacy Alvord

Oswego City-Youth Bureau / County Parks and Recreation, Executive Director
Brian Chetney