Oswego County's: Guide To Government

Louis P. Taylor

Louis P. Taylor, Republican who represents the First Assembly District of Oswego County, was born in Otsego County in 1841 and received his education in the Utica Academy and Whitesboro seminary. When a young man, he studied law, and was admitted to practice, but private interest induced him to abandon active service in the profession. About 22 years ago, he purchased the splendid farm at Oswego Center where he now resides. Mr. Taylor was originally a Democrat , and was elected Supervisor of his town, which was overwhelmingly republican on that ticket in 1887. He left that party in 1891, because of the domination of Tammany, and the position of that party on the tariff question, since which time he has been an active and ardent republican.

In 1894 he was elected Supervisor on the Republican ticket for two years, and is chairman of the committee on Jurisprudence in the Board. Mr. Taylor received the unanimous nomination for Assemblyman at the first Assembly District Convention in August, 1895, and as that district gave the republican ticket a majority of 1700 last fall there was no question about the certainty of his election. My Taylor, though a rural resident, is fully up to date in all matters pertaining to the public interest, and has done credit to himself and his district in the Legislature.

He received 4,530 votes to 2, 674 given to his Democratic opponent, and 361 for William W. Rounds, his prohibition opponent. In the Assembly of 1896 Mr. Taylor introduced the following bills: Relative to the holding of town meetings in Oswego County; concerning the Fifth Judicial District Library; for the repavement of certain streets in Oswego.

Mr. Taylor was re-elected to the Assembly of 1897, by receiving 3, 558 votes, to 3,535 to James Carroll, Democrat.

In 1897 Mr. Taylor was Chairman of the Committee on Federal Relations, and also a member of the Committees on Canals and Electricity, Gas and Water Supply.

Mr. Taylor was re-elected to the Assembly, in 1897, by receiving 3, 617 votes to 2, 853 for John O'Brien, Democrat.

In the Assembly of 1898, Mr. Taylor was Chairman of the Canals Committee and also a member of the Committees on Electricity, Gas and Water Supply and Unfinished Business.

From the New York State Red Book 1898 pages 260 to 261.