This web site would not have been possible without the assistance of so many people who helped make this happen. First off, I would like to thank the employees of Blackburn Graphics who spent countless hours putting the finishing touches on this project. I also wish to acknowledge Evan Torres and his peers from Central Square High School for all of their hard work. A thank you is also in order for APW grad Christina Scriber for her part in this.

Every year, the staff of the Oswego County Planning & Tourism Department compiles a County Government Directory. The information on many of these pages within this site came directly from their annual publication. Their efforts made it much easier to add the material needed for each municipality. I would also like to thank the employees at the Oswego County Board of Elections for all the helpful information they have provided to make this site complete.

Many of the maps contained within this site were the works of three Geographic Information System (GIS) Specialists who took time out of their busy schedules to create these images and to further help educate the people of Oswego County about their Governments. So my gratitude goes out to John Olson at Syracuse University, Tobias Scott-Killian of SUNY Geneseo and Independent GIS Consultant Nick Hollingshead from Ithaca, NY.

Last and not least, I would like to thank Jordan Neville, Nick Russell, and Amy Shutter from SUNY Oswego for all of their hard work in the redesign. Their efforts have made this a much more user friendly website for the public.

So once again, thank you to everyone that participated in this project.