Oswego County's: Guide To Government

Alvin Richardson

The Third or Eastern District of Oswego County is represented by Alvin Richardson. He was born in Whitestown, Oneida County New York in 1802. His family removed to Mexico, Oswego county N.Y. in 1806, his present residence that section of the State being at that early day little else than a wilderness. Consequently, the changes which have taken place in the condition of the society by which he has been surrounded during his life time, have been very great as his town at the present time is one of the most flourishing agricultural districts in that part of the State and is inhabited by as intelligent a class of people as can be found anywhere. The advent of Mr. Richardson's family into his early home was in advance of the schoolmaster in that locality. Consequently, his early scholastic advantages were very limited. He was nearly of age before regular schools were introduced. Self instruction, natural intelligence and a sound mind have been made to compensate, so far as possible for the advantages now everywhere found, but which during his minority, his locality did not afford. He was early apprenticed to the blacksmith's trade a calling which he pursued for several years but which he has finally abandoned for the more congenial pursuits of agriculture. Mr. Richardson has many times been entrusted by his townsmen with places of responsibility and trust. He was elected to the office of Overseer of the Poor in 1839, which place he filled several years. For a long series of years he has held the office of Justice of the Peace. He has the reputation of being a good and upright magistrate and his legal decisions have always been characterized by soundness. He was Postmaster at Colosse, a post village in his own town for five years commencing in 1844 and at one time held the office of Deputy United States Marshal under Hon P.V. Kellogg as Marshal. He has at different times, held other positions not necessary to detail in this connection. Although, long past the age at which military services cease to be due from the citizen by the laws of the land, Mr Richardson's patriotism was such that in 1861 he enlisted and offered his services as a soldier in putting down the rebellion. Nothing but the interposition of the regimental surgeon prevented him from going to the front. Mr Richardson was formerly a Whig but at once enlisted under the Republican banner when that party was organized. Although among the oldest members of the lower house of the Legislature, his intellect is still at its full vigor. As a legislator, he is intelligent, discerning and carefully attentive to his duties.

Life Sketches of the State Officers, Senators and Members of the Assembly of the State of New York in 1868.