Oswego County's: Guide To Government

Nathan B. Smith

Nathan B. Smith opened an office for the practice of law in the village of Pulaski on the 4th day of July, 1869, and has since that date continuously occupied offices in the National Bank block, except while District Attorney of Oswego County. Mr. Smith is a native of the State of Vermont, and after spending his early boyhood days on his father's farm in Otter Creek Valley, at the age of fourteen entered Burr and Burton Seminary, a famous classical school at Manchester, Vermont. In the year 1863 he graduated from Middlebury College, with the highest honors of his class, and then became connected with the Army of the Potomac and in the Shenandoah Valley as a field correspondent for one of the New York dailies. After returning from the army, Mr. Smith began the study of law in the office of the Hon. John W. Stewart, at Middldbury, afterwards Governor of Vermont, and in the autumn of 1865 came to Pulaski, continuing his legal studies in ihe office of the late Judge Huntington and also taught classics and higher mathematics in the academy. He was afterwards principal for nearly two years, but resigned to complete his professional studies. While a law student, he was elected a Member of Assembly from the Third District of Oswego County and was the youngest member of the Legislature of 1869. Mr. Smith was chosen Special Surrogate of Oswego County in 1875, and in 1881 was elected District Attorney. During his term of office as prosecuting attorney, he conducted the trial of Joshua Gifford, who was convicted of murder in the first degree after a memorable trial, lasting four weeks. In the year 1898 he was appointed Referee in Bankruptcy for the District of Oswego County, proving a painstaking and popular judicial officer. Mr. Smith was married on June 3, 1874, to Ellen Grinnell Cornell, youngest daughter of the late Stephen Cornell, who was for many years, senior Captain in the U. S. Revenue Service. Two sons were born to them, Cornell N., who is a student in the College of Medicine of Syracuse University, and Walter D., who is a member of the Junior class at Harvard. In all affairs relating to the welfare and advancement of Pulaski, Mr. Smith has taken a deep interest. He has been for many years a member of the Board of Education, and is also a member of the Citizens' Club and other social and civic organizations. Mr. Smith has devoted himself exclusively to the practice of his profession, and in the year 1899 formed a partnership with the Hon. Freelon J. Davis, Special County Judge of Oswego County, and the firm now enjoys an extensive and successful practice.

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