Oswego County's: Guide To Government

Charles McKinney

The Member of Assembly from the Third District of Oswego County, is a native of the County which here presents, having been born in Redfield, in 1828. His parents were of New England stock, who settled in Redfield nearly forty years ago, being among the pioneers in the early settlement and development of that region of the State.

Mr.McKINNEY was educated mostly in the common schools and academies in his section of the country, and, except when in school, his boyhood was spent in agricultural pursuits. After his majority, he was engaged six years in the milling business, since which time he has been a merchant.

In the affairs and politics of his own town, Mr. McKinney has not been passive, as is evidenced from the positions conferred up on him by his fellow town's men, whose confidence and respect the fully enjoys. He has repeatedly held the town offices of Inspector of Election, Town Clerk, Assessor, etc.; and, in1858, he was elected to the office of Supervisor, to which he was again elected in1865 and 1866; the duties of which place he has always discharged to the entire satisfaction of his constituents.

He was elected to the present Legislature by a majority of 1,571 votes, and represents one of the most radical districts of the State. He serves on the Committees on Towns and Counties, and Agriculture. Being without legislative experience, except such as is acquired in the local legislature of his County, the Board of Supervisors, he has his record yet to make.

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