Oswego County's: Guide To Government

George H. Cobb

George H. Cobb, Republican, who represents the Thirty-fifth Senatorial district, consisting of the counties of Jefferson and Oswego, resides at Watertown, N.Y. He was born in the town of Hounsfield and county of Jefferson in 1864.

His childhood and youth were spent upon his father's farm near Sackets Harbor, N.Y. At an early age he began teaching in the country schools of his county and later took a course and was graduated from Postdam State Normal School in June, 1886.

After serving for two years as the principal of the graded school of Hammond, N.Y., he entered the law offices of the firm of Lansing d Rogers, which consisted of the Hon. Fred. Lansing, who at one time represented Mr. Cobb's senate district in the Sate senate, and Watson M. Rogers, now a Justice of the Supreme court, and was admitted to the bar in 1891. Shortly after his admission he received the appointment of Deputy County Clerk, which position he held until the following year when he was elected City Judge of the city of Watertown, serving in this capacity for a term of four years. In the fall of 1898 he was nominated and elected District Attorney. Three years later he was renominated without opposition, and was serving his last year of the second term in 1904 when he was nominated and elected to the State Senate, receiving 16,248 votes while his opponent, Dr. Cyrus P. Kirley, Democrat, received 9,562.

He was the senior member of the law firm of Cobb & Cosgrove, and has a large practice.

In 1905 Senator Cobb was appointed by Lieutenant-Governor Bruce a member of the following Senate Committees: Chairman of Privileges and elections, and member of Judiciary, Railroads, forest, fish and game, and Public Education.

Renominated in 1908 Senator Cobb received 21,522 voted to 13,209 cast for Alex. C. Calisch, the Democratic nominee.

Lieutenant-Governor White in 1910 appointed senator Cobb Chairman of the railroad Committee and a member of the following committees: Finance, Judiciary, Forest, Fish and Game. On March 11, 1910, Mr. Cobb was elected President protem of the Senate.

Upon the resignation of the Governor Hughes to become the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Lieutenant-Governor Horace White became Governor and Mr. Cobb became Lieutenant-Governor serving until January 1, 1911.

At the general election in the fall of 1910 Mr. Cobb was re-elected to the Senate from the 35th Senatorial district.

Lieutenant-Governor Conway in 1911 appointed Mr. Cobb a member of the following Senate committees: Finance, and Codes.