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Oswego County's: Guide To Government | City of Oswego

Town of Granby

Year its Government formed: 1818

2010 Population : 6,821

2012 Voter Turnout: 2,447
2016 Voter Turnout: 2,458
2020 Population: 6,520
2020 Voter Turnout: 3,046

Town Supervisor

John Snow

Town Council Members

Marianne Ingerson

Rodney Delong

Irene Wiestner

Sandra Farrands

Town Clerk

Janet Ingersoll

Town Highway Superintendent

Dan Duncan

Town Court Justices

Francis Doyle III

Lesley Schmidt

Other Town Officials

David Roach – Town Assessor

Janet Ingersoll – Town Tax Collector

Rich Wood and Lee Dusharm – Town Constables

Jack Spriggs – Animal Control Officer

Jacob Summerville – Town Historian

David Hanford and Lee Dusharm – Town Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer

Jane Crego – Planning Board Chairman

County Legislators:

James Karasek - District 22

District 22 Map

Michael Solowy - District 23

District 23 Map

Marc Greco - District 24

District 24 Map

State Assembly

State Assembly District - 120th
State Assemblyman - Will Barclay District Map

State Senate

State Senate District - 50th
State Senator - John Mannion District Map


Congressional District - 24th
Member of Congress - Claudia Tenney District Map

United States Senate

United States Senate - Seat 1

Kirsten Gillibrand

United States Senate - Seat 2

Charles Schumer