Oswego County's: Guide To Government

Frederick G. Whitney

Frederick G. Whitney, Republican, who represents the Second Assembly district of Oswego County, was born in the village of Pulaski, Oswego County, N.Y., March 19, 1868, and has always lived there. He received his education in the public school at Pulaski, in Pulaski Academy, and in Syracuse University. He then studied law with S.C. Huntington & Son of Pulaski, and was admitted to the bar in 1894. He afterward formed a partnership with S.C. Huntington, Jr., the surviving partner of the firm S.C. Huntington & Son, and practiced his profession with Mr. Huntingtonin Pulaski until three years ago, since which time has had an office alone.

He received 4,435 votes in 1903 for Assemblyman and his opponent, W. H. Enos, Democrat, with an independent endorsement, 3,011.

Mr. Whitney has always been a Republican in politics and never before held an elective office.

In 1904, Mr. Whitney was a member of the following Committees: General Laws, Excise, and Public Printing.

Re-nominated in 1904, Mr. Whitney received 5,093 votes to 2,463 cast for Albert S. Barker.

Speaker Nixon in 1905 appointed Mr. Whitney a member of the following Assembly Committees: Judiciary, Revision and Excise.

Mr. Whitney was again elected in 1905 receiving 4,440 votes to 2015 cast for Albert W. Wright, Democrat.

Speaker Wadsworth in 1906 appointed Mr. Whitney a member of the following Committees: Chairman of the Excise Committee, and a member of the Judiciary Committee.