Oswego County's: Guide To Government

Daniel G. Fort

Daniel G. Fort, a banker, was born in Pompey N.Y; in 1817. Came to Oswego about 1856 and died in Chicago on October 6, 1884. He was Collector through President Hayes' Administration 1877-81. Editor of the Express for a time. Mayor of Oswego in 1862 and 1863 and member of the Assembly in 1872-1873. He moved to Chicago in 1880.

*Landmarks of Oswego County*

By a vote almost unanimous, Daniel G. Fort, of Oswego. Mr. Fort was nominated and elected to the Assembly 2 years ago and was then placed at the head of the important Committee on Canals. One year ago, he was nominated and pitted against the veteran and "Liberal" Politician DeWitt C. Littlejohn, who it was supposed, could not be defeated in Oswego. Mr. Fort was elected triumphantly, and was then placed at the head of the most important Committee in the Legislature, that of Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means. Mr. Fort, in all positions, has shown himself an able and incorruptable public servant and his nomination for the office of State
Treasurer is a deserved tribute to incorruptible integrity and fidelity.

*Lockport Daily Journal 9/25/1873*