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Caleb Carr

Caleb Carr III, born August 06, 1778 in Stephentown, New York; died February 06, 1840 in Williamstown, Mass;
married (1) Theresa Bull 1815 in Stephentown, New York;
married (2) Lucinda Harris 1815 in Stephentown, New York.

Notes for Caleb Carr III:

General Caleb Carr was colonel of a regiment of state militia during the War of 1812, and in 1814, when the call came for every able bodied man to hasten to the defense of Plattsburgh, Col. Carr was foremost in action; but the progress of the troops was so slow, he asked permission of the commanding general to take 1500 men and hasten on the Plattsburgh with all possible dispatch. The permission was granted and he arrived there in time to help turn the tide of battle in our favor, while the balance of the troops did not arrive until the battle was all over. For this meritorious conduct on the part of Col. Carr, he was promoted to the generalship of all the state militia, which rank he held as long as he lived. He also was a member of the state legislature one term.

He moved to Williamstown, New York in 1828, where he died Feb. 6, 1840.

He was also an innkeeper in Stephentown Center.

General Carr is listed as a member of Friendship Lodge #95 in Stephentown, NY in 1828, along with his brother, Joshua. The Masonic Friendship Lodge #95 was instituted Sept. 1, 1802. Between June 1827 and 1828, there were 25 members registered. The Masonic Order, founded on the Bible, complemented the Bible, teaching all church members to "live in peace and fellowship with their Masonick brethern." The Lodge was dissolved on March 13, 1837.(From Stephentown Historic Album #3)

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